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Cultural and historical ensemble of Virpazar


The cultural and historical ensemble of Virpazar stretches on the plateau between the distributaries of the rivers Orahovštica and Crmnica and the Lake, covering three bridges, a stone embankment, the entire hill on which the Bešac fortress is located and the foot of the hill with individual buildings.

Virpazar is a traffic and trade centre of Crmnica. In terms of position, appearance and function, it is a unique settlement in Montenegro. Although it’s located in a small area, Virpazar is naturally predisposed to be a kind of crossroads and an important tourist centre. The houses in Virpazar are most often built of stone with underground basements, and the overall way of construction, authentic architecture and layout of buildings are a good example of the fusion of architecture and nature. The ensemble of Virpazar belongs to a significant architectural heritage and testifies to the artistry and application of the original concept in construction. The construction solutions are harmonized with the landscape and greatly adapted to the terrain, while the importance of Virpazar is testified by a large number of visitors throughout the year.

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