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Tastes of the Mediterranean

The food of this area is all locally grown, prepared, is of the highest quality, and is a feast for the palate and for the soul. From priganice (a type of doughnut) with oney to dried figs, food from the sea, lake, vineyards, and olive groves, is sown and hand picked, flavoured with herbs from Mount Rumija and sweetened with satisfaction, the food of this region is ever so tasty when eaten by the water’s edge, from whence it came.

Gifts of the sun

Every part of the region of Bar has been abundantly blessed by nature. More than 100,000 olive trees produce the widely acclaimed olives and olive oil, while Lake Skadar and its hinterland yield fish and wine. Mrkojevići and Ostros meanwhile yield organic agricultural produce like chestnuts, the famous Bar pomegranate, and citrus fruits.
The honey produced in this region contains the power of medicinal herbs of the meadows, woodlands, and rocky lands, while wormwood and chestnut lend it a special dark colour and aroma. All this, crowned with wreathes of dried figs, is offered for sale by the hardworking farmers at the main market in the town centre or in the old town’s main street. Bar’s market is all about healthy food, divine fruits, and the beauty of living.

Culinary delights

The delicacies of Bar are too numerous to mention – japraci, štufada, albasan tava, bamije, šestanska čorba, tespišta, fresh or dried and gleaming like gold Skadar smelt, smoked carp, eel on rice, dolma parcels, raštan, pies of all kinds, olives prepared in a dozen ways, olive oil and halva, all washed down with the drink of the gods – Crmnica Vranac wine. A feast fit for a king.

Take the Paths of Wine, Olives and Honey


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