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Wine Trails & Tales

The Secret of Vranac Wine

The symbol of Crmnica, and of the whole of Montenegro, is certainly the Vranac of Crmnica, a strong, ruby-red wine made from the grape by the same name. What is the secret of the renowned Crmnica wine? The secret is Crmnica itself, the locals will tell you, as they show you their carefully tended vineyards and cellars. Sun, earth, stone and water all play their part. But no less a factor is the vineyard owner who, inspired by long tradition, devotes much patience, skill, and love to his wine making.

The Vranac grape variety has been cultivated here from time immemorial. Certain villages, like Godinje, specialised only in wine-growing. It is scientifically proven that the Vranac grape variety originated here. It spread all over the region and became one of the most popular varieties. The success of Montenegrin winemakers positioned Montenegro as a wine-growing and wine-making region, as well as an attractive wine tourist destination.

Wine Cellars

In the villages in the Skadar Lake region, the tradition of making wine is over 500 years old. The most famous is the red wine made from three autochthonous grape varieties: Vranac, Kratošija and Lisičina. In the authentic ambience there are wineries where visitors can taste top wines and specialties of local cuisine, learn about local customs, enjoy the natural beauty and cultural attractions.

Numerous small producers offer their wines in an authentic environment in the villages of the Crmnica region. Each grower claims that his or her wine is the “right stuff.” A visit to wine cellars is a mandatory part of the Crmnica adventure and is much more than simple wine tasting, it is an opportunity to make new friends and get to know this picturesque environment.

“Winery Klisić“, Limljani

069 025 164

“Tap Jović br 1“, Sutomore

030 373 696

“Winery Ivo Ukšanović, Boljevići

067 893 013

“Milenko Sjekloća“, Limljani

069 020 285

“Winery Mašanović“, Orahovo, Virpazar

069 063 460

“Winery Garnet“, Godinje

067 355 535

“Winery Knjaz“, Polje

069 014 976

“Winery Tomo Ukšanović“, Boljevići, Virpazar

069 506 030

“Winery Vukmanović“, Utrg

068 070 662

“Winery Zavjet”, Gluhi Do

069 503 519

“Kopitović Winery “ Wine Story, Brčeli

069 060 222

067 212 044

“Winery Matkovina“, Gluhi Do

067 021 686 

Legend of the Crmnica garnet

In the Crmnica village of Brijege, hidden from casual eyes, is a small vein of a crystal the colour of wine – the mineral garnet. According to legend, during the grape harvest, the new wine from the first pressing was carried into the forest in a jug by a virgin, who poured it out there as an expression of gratitude to the earth goddess. As night fell, the girl was frightened, dropped the jug and smashed it. In the place where the wine spilled, garnet the colour of red wine was formed from the womb of the earth. The old tradition ended there, and a new one came into being – where garnet crystals are collected and kept in the first jug of newly pressed wine symbolizing fertility.


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