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Tourist Organization Bar


Tourist Organization Bar is one of the local tourist organizations in Montenegro.
Together with the National Tourist Organization, it represents the tourist offer of Montenegro both in the region and the world.

The main tasks of the local tourist organization TO Bar are improvement and promotion of the original values ​​of the municipality through development and diversification of the tourist offer, creation of conditions for activating tourist resources, protection and preservation of tourist sites, environment and cultural heritage in the municipality of Bar.

In order to develop and promote the tourist offer of the municipality of Bar, TO Bar cooperates with individuals, local associations and non-governmental organizations, and tourist organizations in and outside Montenegro. Among other things, TO Bar organizes cultural, artistic, entertainment, economic, sports and other events, prepares tourist/propaganda and other informative material, and implements programs of study groups and journalists visits to the territory of Bar.

TO Bar directly communicates with tourists through tourist information bureaus in tourist places, registration and deregistration of stay in accordance with the law, and keeping records on the collection of residence, excursion and tourist tax and membership fee. The friendly staff of TO Bar provides guests with information on available accommodation, catering facilities, cultural and other events, as well as service information needed to make the stay of tourists as pleasant as possible. 

TO Bar has a tourist information bureau open on Topolica in Bar throughout the year, while eight more bureaus are opened during the season in other tourist sites: Old Bar, Šušanj, Sutomore, Čanj, Dobra Voda, Utjeha, Ostros and Virpazar.

In addition to services of electronic registration of residence and payment of residence tax, all tourist information bureaus provide tourists with information about the overall tourist offer of the town, as well as advertising and propaganda material.

Our Projects

TO Bar is implementing various projects that improve the tourist offer in Bar.

I Love Bar >>>

I Love Bar

The sculpture “I Love Bar” is located at the beginning of the King Nikola’s promenade. It is the first sculpture of this type in Montenegro created based on world trends.

Kilometre Zero >>>

Kilometre Zero

Kilometre Zero is located on a pedestrian island in front of the Bar marina. It shows the distance from Bar to selected world-famous tourist attractions. Just like all the world’s metropolises, our town has Kilometer Zero.

Solar Tree >>>

Solar Tree

In order to raise the awareness of citizens about the use of renewable energy, a solar tree was installed, with chargers for phone and laptop. It is located on a plateau near the central tourist office TO Bar in Topolica.

IPA projects of the Tourist Organization Bar


In 2020, the Tourist Organization Bar was approved two projects funded by the European Union:
EMOUNDERGROUNDS and Wrecks4all whose total value is EUR 3,726,233, of which EUR 263,943 belongs to TO Bar.

Our Team

Our team

Meet Our Employees

    • Danilo Orlandić

    • Director of TO Bar
    • mr Nikoleta Nikčević

    • Manager for promotional activities

    • Ilija stojović

    • Manager for organization of fairs and events

    • Višnja Raičević

    • Manager for organization of fairs and events

    • Sabina Alibašić

    • Associate for market analysis, revenues and statistics

    • Ivan Kovač

    • Coordinator for tourist information bureaus and resident tax collection officer
    • Sara Jovićević

    • Associate for online promotion, communication on social networks, and information provider at tourist information bureau
    • Sandra Jovetić

    • Legal Associate

    • Snežana Karanikić

    • Business and Technical Secretary of TO Bar

    • Ljiljana Mijović

    • Officer for informative propaganda activities, residence registration and residence tax collection

    • Almira Lukolić

    • Officer for informative propaganda activities, residence registration and residence tax collection

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