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The town of Bar

Bar is a completely new town, built on this site only in the XX century. It was built – and is still being built – as a modern and open town, comfortable for living and relaxing. It is characterized by well-kept boulevards lined with Mediterranean vegetation, numerous promenades near the sea and extremely mild climate.

The turbulent history of the town is evidenced by numerous cultural and historical monuments, the most important being Old Town of Bar, located 4 km from the coast. Today, its postcard consists of tourist facilities, restaurants, shops, sports fields and a marina with 1,050 berths.

Old Bar

Meet Old Bar, a fortified town built on a steep cliff at the foot of Rumija mountain. Protected by a gorge on the north side and surrounded by ramparts, Old Bar had been the administrative centre from which the surrounding countries were ruled for centuries. The rulers had changed over two millennia: the Byzantines, the Slavs, the Venetians, the Turks… they all built their mark in this monumental town. It was only when the constant danger of war passed that Bar was able to leave its stone nest on the cliff and spread out comfortably in the field by the sea.

The location of Old Bar provides an opportunity for visitors to experience the panorama of the green Bar field, the new part of the town, the port, the open sea and Rumija mountain massif from the walls of the ramparts. A special attraction of Old Bar is the marketplace, where sellers dressed in traditional costumes of this region offer customers local products such as citrus fruits, olives, olive oil, cheese and various homemade handicrafts.


All Crmnica roads meet in Virpazar, the tourist centre of Crmnica. Once an important economic and traffic centre of Montenegro, today it is a well-known picnic area and starting point for cruising around Skadar Lake, touring cultural and historical monuments and various types of active tourism. The fortress Besac, originating from the XV century, is located just above the town from where it dominates the surroundings.

Sandy beaches, authentic rural architecture and numerous vineyards are an integral part of the landscape, offering tourists a rich meal made of lake fish and high quality Crmnica wines.


Sutomore is the most popular tourist destination on the Bar Riviera. It originates from a fishing village clinging to a long sandy beach. Today, there are numerous hotels, restaurants and weekend resorts in its hinterland. Sutomore represents the main youth destination: good music and entertainment are guaranteed 24 hours a day.

Čanj, Dobra Voda, Utjeha

Discover a tourist resort in an isolated bay with hotel complexes and holiday homes leaning on a 1,100m long beach, covered with “pearl sand”. In addition to the large beaches in Čanj and Sutomore, there are many smaller beaches in this area hidden by pine forests. There are also wild beaches, which offer a full experience of intact Mediterranean nature. In the immediate vicinity, there is the Queen’s Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches on the Montenegrin coast, accessible only from the sea.

In the immediate hinterland of the southernmost bay in the municipality of Bar, you will find a dense olive grove with ancient trees that offers visitors shelter from the midday sun. With many holiday homes and restaurants, this is a place where you will experience the colourful sunrises while having good fun.

Visit the perfect weekend resort in the shade of olive groves and citrus fruits. The spacious beach Veliki pijesak, bathed in rays of light of the first morning sun until evening and bordered by small, modern hotels and restaurants, is the perfect place to enjoy a whole day by the sea.


Explore Krajina, an area in the south-eastern part of the shores of Skadar Lake, which hides many pearls in hidden valleys, forests and villages. Its main settlement is Ostros, a picturesque small town surrounded by centuries-old chestnut forests whose canopy is so dense that one can find refreshment under them even in the greatest summer heat. Visit the remains of the monastery Prečista Krajinska from the XI century, the oldest and largest temple on Skadar Lake, the Great Well of Fresh Water dating from 1001, and the unique attraction of 12 wells built in one place, in the village Boljevići.


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