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Olive & Honey Trails

Hand-picked Olives

Throughout history, olives have been a staple-food for the people of Bar, who view the olive tree sacred, and consider it a second mother. Olive-growing along both of Bar’s shores is a long documented tradition with trees more than a thousand years old still producing olives and old olive mills still diligently turning out products in the traditional way. The importance of the olive tree is confirmed by an old custom; a young man could get married only after planting a certain number of olive trees.

Each drop of oil unites centuries of tradition and the latest agricultural and manufacturing technologies. The Maslinijada Olive Festival is the best place to see just how many different things can be made from olives. Green or black olives, olives with herbs, olive paté, olive bread, different herb-infused oils, black olive liqueur, and even soaps and cosmetic creams are popular products.

Olive Trails

The Association of Olive Growers from Bar provides the service of guiding olive paths and tasting olive oils obtained from the local indigenous variety of jaundice. Tastings can be organized in nature in the olive grove or in one of the Old Bar restaurants or restaurants along the beach Utjeha. The tasting is conducted by internationally certified sensory evaluators of virgin olive oils.

Olive Trail #1

Location: Sustaš – Olive Grove  Dabanovo – Sveti Vid – Old Bar

Length: 4 km

Type:  combined substrates – asphalt, concrete, macadam.

Olive Trail #2

Location: Stari Bar or Podgrad – Kajnak – Olive Grove Džidžarin

Length: 3 – 4 km

Type: the base of the trail is mostly macadam, to a lesser extent cobblestone.

Olive Trail #3

Location: Pečurice (Old Olive Tree) – Ravanj

Type: combined substrates – asphalt, macadam.


Olive Trail #4

Location: Ravanj – Komina – Olive Grove Mamole

Length: 4 km.

Type: combined substrates – asphalt, macadam.


Olive Trail #5

Location: Olive Grove Complex “Olive Wave”

Length: 1 – 2 km.

Type:  combined substrates – asphalt, macadam.

*Trails #2 and #3 can be connected on request, as well as Trails #4 and #5 

Honey Trails

There are 3,000 different types of flowers in Montenegro. Such an abundance of flower species is a kind of feast for bees. As each mountain or hill has its own special floral cover the honey that bees collect has a different taste from place to place.


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