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Agyapa Royalties Agreement Ghana

The Agyapa Royalties Agreement in Ghana has been making headlines since it was announced in August 2020. The agreement, which aims to create a special purpose vehicle (SPV) to manage Ghana’s gold royalties, has been the subject of intense scrutiny and debate.

The Agyapa Royalties deal, which was approved by Ghana’s Parliament on August 14, 2020, will see the country’s gold royalties transferred to an offshore company. The SPV will then issue shares to investors on the London Stock Exchange, with the Ghanaian government retaining a 51% stake.

The rationale for the agreement is to provide a means for Ghana to monetize its future gold royalties without taking on additional debt. According to the Ghanaian government, the SPV will also enable the country to maximize its share of revenues from gold production.

However, the agreement has been met with criticism from some quarters. Some members of Ghana’s Parliament have raised concerns about the lack of transparency surrounding the deal, and the fact that the SPV will be based in a tax haven (Jersey). There are also concerns about the potential for the deal to be used to launder money or facilitate corruption.

Despite these concerns, the Ghanaian government has defended the agreement, arguing that it will benefit the country in the long term. The government has also sought to reassure Ghanaians that the SPV will be transparent and subject to oversight.

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